My Side Job

Mar 4, 2013 at 5:34pm | Leave a comment

Corynne is going to kill me for this, but along with my xoJane and
xoVain duties, I just took on another job:
Heading up the 5th-grade newspaper at Charlotte's school. So for an
hour every Monday afternoon, I get to be here. Woohoo! I love these

Speaking of Corynne, we were all talking in the office as I was
leaving about which of us have cried over your comments. I have, Emily
has, Madeline has (over a weekend), Mandy has, I'll bet Lesley has,
Marci hasn't (yet), and as of today, Annie K has joined the club
(though she is a total badass and while I was asking her if I could
tell you she cried, put her hand to the back of her head and said,
"Wait, there's something hard in my hair.")

Anyway, Corynne and I maintain that Corynne gets the most hate of
anyone at xoJane or xoVain. She's cool with it. I would love to know
if any of you have been driven to tears by something you've read here.
Because I'm pushing for number of tear-drops on the keyboard to be the
new Engagement Metric (just kidding--I am starting to get ready for
this SXSWi speech next week, so I am thinking that way). I'm just
curious if it's only us.

Whoops, I think I just lost some kids. Back to work....

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