It's a Job Requirement

Nov 2, 2011 at 4:40pm | Leave a comment

So I didn't actually MAKE Lesley drink some of my Raspberry(!) Chia(!) Kombucha. It's just that she is based in Boston and only gets to our NYC offices so often, so when I had her in a meeting and realized I had a bottle of what Ms. Kinzel has referred to in comments as my "shroom tea," I asked if she wanted to smell it.


Instead, she went for it and took a swig, after which she declared that it didn't taste that bad. Then it devolved into a conversation where I likened the texture to sperm and she made a funny comment that she may not want her dad to read. I will come back here and update this with more detail, but as you may know, I am late with packing for my trip today.



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