I Didn't Throw My Back Out

Jan 30, 2013 at 4:48pm | Leave a comment

Just here in the clubhouse working on the floor, my favorite spot.
Documenting this non-event is Corynne. And don't you just feel more
grounded when you are on the ground? Dirt is best, but this 5th-floor
carpeting will do. And while I am being New Agey, I will tell you that
I found last week that I was having trouble focusing on all the
positive and so recited the phrase, "Thank you. I have everything I
need" a couple of times and was instantly (within hours) handed four
things I had been wanting to happen. I wasn't even lying on the floor
when I said it!!!!!

Try it and tell me what happens to you.

PS Emily and I are having a hilarious difference in approaches right
this minute. I will explain it to you when I stop laughing.

PPS Mandy says you may want to hear how I felt about that Girls
parody. I don't know. Do you care? Was that a million years ago?
Should I go do a headstand and meditate on that?

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