How Often Do You Want To Talk To Each Other??

Apr 29, 2013 at 10:43am | Leave a comment

I'm going to get all meta meta with this image and show y'all how many
comments you made on this open thread post I put up Friday night. (I'm
on a bus to Connecticut for a company off-site, so.)

I love seeing what you guys come up with to ask and tell each other
about on these threads. I also told Corynne, Emily, Lesley and Mandy
(my editing partners in crime here at xojane -- why am I writing this
like you don't know us? it's Monday morning and I'm on a bus) that I
would put up another open thread today for you to talk on, but now I'm
wondering: is that overkill?

Here's a related thing: My friend (Courteney Cox! God, I haven't
name-dropped in FOREVER) and I realized together years ago that you
can set the pace in relationships, by only contacting people as
frequently as you want to be in contact with them, rather than feeling
like you have to respond every time they want to be in touch with you.
Like there are some people you want to talk to every day and will make
up stuff to talk about just to keep talking to them and some people
you are happy to check in with seasonally.

Forgive me for taking on and on to you about NOTHING. I'm on a bus and
want to talk to you A LOT, clearly.

So will you get sick of open threads that are truly open, with no
topic they are based on, if I do another one today? And what else is
going on? Are you tired? On a bus?

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