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I know I won't get nearly as many comments on this as Victor did on
his test (god, I love you guys), but it is a test to see if my new
phone is synced up with the feature on this site that allows you (if
you like) to see inside my phone.

I'm suuuure you have missed me here since Friday when I switched
phones, so let's see. This is me this morning doing that thing I like
to do where I turn things upside down (for perspective at any time,
lie on your bed with your head hanging over the edge looking out into
your room and you can instantly see all the good there -- I find). If
you want to try the one I did just now: walk downstairs on your hands
without allowing your knees or shins to touch anything. It feels weird
and isn't as much fun as complete inversions (the best!), but worth

Okay, yesterday I was interviewed by the most beautiful woman in the
world, Emily Weiss from intothegloss, and I was having that weird
thing where I couldn't access my words and sounded like I was on coke
and not finishing ideas, like this: "So then I started Sassy, and,
well, well, you know what I'm saying...." I don't think I gave her
even one complete quote to work with.

This reminds me: I am telling Cat to stop making me sound dumb in her
book that she's writing but she won't because she thinks it's funny.
HAhahahaha, not to me. Anyway, Emily, call me if you want to talk
again because today I have my brain back. Does this spaciness thing
ever happen to you guys and what do you attribute it to or how do you
fix it? I tried eating snickers thinking it was blood sugar, then
chicken thinking it was a lack of protein, then lots of water because
Lori thought I might be dehydrated. I never figured it out.

Ok, that's a lot of rambling that needs the kind of editing Mandy
talked about in her post on good writing.

Did you read this all the way to the end? If so, I love you even more
than I did at the beginning. Gooooood morning!