Beauty From Whatever/Making Light

It is about two weeks post- Sandy and my building still has a sign on it saying No Access.

Nov 13, 2012 at 9:00am | Leave a comment

It is about two weeks post-Sandy and my building still has a sign on it saying No Access, an order Charlotte and Balloon and I have been defying since as soon as we could get back here. (Reminding me of 9/11 when crowds were running up 6th Avenue and I was running down -- thinking I could help somehow, thinking I like to be where things are happening, thinking I should have become an EMT, not thinking.) Who cares that our power is still going in and out and that we are walking up and down stairs, etc etc? I know a lot of people whose places and lives are in shambles from that storm, so I'm not making light. But look at these beautiful leftovers outside my door this morning!