It took spending almost $60,000 and being forced to come to terms with one of the hardest truths I've ever had to face, but I never had to go to rehab again.
mentall illness
In the weeks that followed, I learned that some said I was “too out there” and didn’t want to hire me.
His awkwardness spoke louder than words. It was obvious these two had been intimate.

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domestic violence
I don't know when the abuse started because it's not a subject that I ask her about very often, but I'm pretty sure he hit her while she was pregnant. What I do know is that I was just six months old the first time he hit me.
No matter how sweet, caring, or respectful Jeff was, or how well he treated me, there was one big problem. Jeff was black.
Adoption was not given to me as an option -- it was more like a punishment.
Living six people to a tent is an enterprise I would give zero stars to.
suicide hotline
As helpers, we have to realize that control is not the answer, either for us or for our clients. We can reach out, support, care, listen, reflect, and suggest. We cannot make a life that is unbearable bearable.
student loans
The way she treated me, she made it seem like I was the worst student in the world. They were having money troubles, so I was surprised when she told me they had put down a deposit on an apartment and she had bought a used truck.
Problems in the mitochondria can manifest in diseases in almost any system of the body, but they are frequently found in the muscles, brain, eyes, kidneys, liver, and GI tract.
My story is living proof that Tinder is not just a "hookup app."
When I wrote my article, I included wedding photos that I had never shared online before, because of the way my body looked in them.
janay rice
It’s so much more complicated than “she’s stupid for staying.” None of us deserved it. Not one of us, you heard?
breast cancer
family drama
My mom, the adventurous, whimsical woman, never really returned after that biopsy.
sex addiction
It always amazes me that the more casual sex I have, the lonelier I feel.
online dating
Online dating has made me feel more alone and rejected than ever.
I’ve had pretty bad UTIs before, so I assumed that was what was happening. That coupled with the intensity of the pain led me to ask my boyfriend, who was getting more nervous by the second, to take me to an emergency clinic.
Today, a guy wrote me a lovely email. He used excellent grammar, and I liked his photos. I replied kindly with equally good grammar.
naked pictures
I memorized the comments and replayed them while showering, while getting dressed, while grocery shopping, while having lunch.
I can handle the mental anguish and physical pain of a serious illness and all its accoutrements, but I can’t handle the fact that my smile is gone. I mourn it every single day.