breat reduction
Once everything finally healed, my boobs didn’t look normal at all. I looked I’d been put back together using modeling clay.
the frisky
These stylish women were wonderfully put together for work and play, and danced to a soundtrack of music more powerful and raw than what I’d been listening to at the time.

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Time and time again, straight dudes let me down.

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I love most of my clients, but like any service job, you’ll inevitably get some dicks in the mix.
All the headlines you might have missed, neatly summarized.

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I’ve come home to the yellow eviction notice on the door, and lived out of a van for awhile, and I never once looked “homeless.”

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My family has been personally affected by ALS, but I don't want to see other charities lose donations while this cause is getting all the attention.
james foley
He went to my alma mater and represented what a true journalist really is: fearless and bold.

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street harassment
Every time I think of these heroic strangers who declare their hearts' desire, I too, get butterflies in the depths of my loins. The kind that makes me wonder, “What’s next? Is this stranger going to follow me home?"
student loans
Getting through college debt-free is only possible if you have access to a pretty big helping of privilege.
A black male is killed by police every 28 hours in America. This is a racial issue.

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i am a crotchety curmudgeon
Awareness about water issues is laughably low in much of the United States, which is maybe why people think this meme is funny and lighthearted, or that the symbolism of wasting a bucket of water isn't a big deal.
Black America holds up a mirror for us. And white America is terrified to look.
If ride-share apps operate in a totally different way to old-school taxis, how can we ensure people are aware of this -- and what are the steps we all need to take to keep safe?

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My favorite thing to do these days is yell "Ha," in response to catcallers, though even that doesn't always do the trick.
At 13, I love rice cakes because they are so featureless, so unlike actual food. They taste like nothing.

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For some transmasculine people, who may have years or decades of experience being treated as women, there is a nuance to our interactions with women that runs a little deeper.

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There has never been an instance of a legislative body suing a sitting President. So, the answer to the question, "How does it work for Congress to sue the President?" has been a resounding, "We have no idea."

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robin williams
Throughout the years, I’ve allowed my humor and my depression to work together in different ways.
domestic violence
People may agree that it’s never, under any circumstances, even remotely OK to assault a woman, “porn stars” are somehow exempt from this creed.
“Is the baby healthy? Everything OK?” a COMPLETE STRANGER said to me once.
All the biggest headlines, neatly summarized for you.

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