You Are The Advice Columnist: What to Do About A Brother's Biting Dog?

Having been attacked by a dog previously, I am not willing to risk it again.

Jun 20, 2014 at 6:30pm | Leave a comment



My brother and his girlfriend rescued a small dog about 5 months ago. Due to a language barrier, the history on the dog was not very thorough. For the first 3 months there were no problems with the dog at all.  Recently he has started attacking and biting when people are around. He has yet to bite me, or my fiance - but has attacked my mother, and my brother (his owner). Although he is a small breed he is extremely aggressive when these attacks happen - he bites at his owners when they try to calm him down. After the last attack I made it clear that my fiance and I had no interest in being around the dog and my brother's girlfriend was seriously offended. Having been attacked by a dog previously, I am not willing to risk it again and neither is my fiance. My brother and his girlfriend continue to make excuses for the dog and are angry at me - saying that my anxiety around the dog is likely the cause of the attacks. It is putting a wedge in my relationship with my brother and his girlfriend, and I try to be understanding but at the same time they are delusional about the dogs behaviour. HELP!

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