YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: I'm Scared To Stay At My Own Apartment

I'm unsure of what to do, but all I know is that I'm scared.
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I'm unsure of what to do, but all I know is that I'm scared.


i'm in my final semester in college, and i've just moved into a new apartment. it's a great place in a great location that allows me a lot of things, but the people who spend time around the complex are a little sketchy. it's not as if i'm far from campus, i'm as close to campus as i can be without living in a dorm. i've only been here a week and i've already had two incidents with people sexually harassing me while i'm in my apartment. the first was in the middle of the night, i took a late-night shower and found a man outside of my bedroom window (i'm on the ground floor) holding up his phone. i scared him away before i could process what he was trying to show me, but i fear he may have taken pictures of me in my apartment alone. the second time was in the middle of the night again, when i got up to use the bathroom. when i got back, someone knocked on my window, and i screamed and told them i was calling the police, and they told me i had a  "sweet pussy" and that they thought i needed taking care of. 

i'm now terrified to stay here. it was hard enough to find a place to live, and i'm just here by myself without roommates. i'm afraid for my physical as well as mental health, because my paranoia has rendered me unable to sleep. i'm unsure of what to do, but all i know is that i'm scared.

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