YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: I'm a Grown-Up and I'm Afraid Of The Dark

This is 5-year-old shit.
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This is 5-year-old shit.

I have a problem, and I've been hesitant to really seek help for it because it's juvenile and embarrassing but it's seriously gotten in the way of my quality of life.  I'm an adult person in my 20s, in graduate school, who is seriously afraid of the dark and of supernatural things that I don't even technically believe in.  

Up until I was 19, I slept with the lights fully on; recently, I've managed to get it down to varieties of nightlights.  When I first got to college, I was so afraid of random things that didn't exist that I would have full-blown panic attacks if I needed to use the bathroom "after-hours" when nobody else on my hall was awake.  It hasn't been that bad in a few years, but I still get extremely, extremely anxious when I'm in a dark room, or in a rural area without streetlights/street noise, or in any setting that might appear in the beginning, middle, or end of a horror movie.  And the kicker is, it's not that I'm overwhelmingly anxious about murderers, rapists, kidnappers, etc. etc. ... it's that an illogical part of my brain thinks that some kind of zombie ghoul may be lurking around any and every dark corner.  I literally just cut short a workout because I'm visiting my dad and he lives in a quiet, wooded area, and his treadmill is in the basement.  As I ran, I kept imagining dead people and shit just hanging out in random corners of the basement, so I just hopped off the treadmill and sprinted upstairs.

I'm almost 23.  This is 5-year-old shit.  I'm a pretty mature and highly functional person in pretty much every other aspect of my life, but I would love to not be in constant fear that my life is going to randomly turn into "The Conjuring" (which I've never seen, obviously, because I can't even watch commercials for shit like that, hell no).  Help me, xoJane!

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