You Are The Advice Columnist: I'm 24 and I'm Starting My First Office Job

I have never worked a serious job like this before.
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I have never worked a serious job like this before.

This might seem stupid, but I'm starting a new job, and I'm really anxious about general office policy. I'm going to be a staff accountant for a Midwestern hotel management company - and my second week will be out of town, staying in a hotel in a big Midwestern city, alone.

I was never given an official manual, like I have been at other positions - I'm expected to show up one day to do my HR paperwork, and then begin training the next day. I know it sound superficial, but most of my questions are just sort of basic office things that I actually don't know:

-What is generally accepted business attire? I'm 24 and the new position is as an accountant. Does it vary between offices? Areas of the country? Or between types of accounting? What should I do if no one tells me???

-What should I expect for discussions of benefits and the like? Am I supposed to try to bargain for the best? How do I know what's reasonable?

-What will I do for lunch? I know this sounds lame, but I live five minutes from the corporate office. I don't want to go home and ignore everyone, but how do you get into a lunch group??

Help a girl out! Any advice you readers can give me is appreciated - including (and especially) advice on first week outfits and behavior. Help me start off professionally!

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