You Are The Advice Columnist: I'm Scared of My Boyfriend's Mother Fat-Shaming Me

I think my boyfriend's mother might trigger my bulimia.
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I think my boyfriend's mother might trigger my bulimia.


I'm emailing you because I'm very nervous about meeting my boyfriend's mother. We've been friends for a while and together ~8 months, but I've only met his father's side of the family. This is largely because I was finishing up my degree for four months of that time, and she has been going through a rough divorce, health issues, and a move across town.

My boyfriend has told me that she can be quite critical of him, as well as of his girlfriends -- most notably their upbringing, their fashion, and their physical appearance (namely their weight, if they struggle with it). Apparently, one of his girlfriends gained 40 pounds and she never stopped ragging on him for it. While I'm all for body love and acceptance, I do have about 15 pounds I could stand to lose, I'm terrified she'll comment on it, which would really upset me as I am a recovering bulimic. I'm still in a precarious emotional space regarding it, and I'm afraid her criticism might really hurt. Any advice on how to mentally prepare for this meeting?

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