University of Oregon Countersues Rape Survivor, Arguing Her Allegations Will Discourage Other Victims From Coming Forward

Also: Richard Pryor's widow has strong words for Bill Cosby, and diverse emojis are coming at last.
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Also: Richard Pryor's widow has strong words for Bill Cosby, and diverse emojis are coming at last.

Do you remember when Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby were coming up around the same time and Pryor was the “dirty” comic and Cosby was the “clean” one? (Or you weren’t born yet and you’ve heard all of this information secondhand?) On Monday, Pryor’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, went on Allison Rosen’s podcast Allison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and fearlessly shared her opinion on Cosby. The details are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

I also have a disturbing story about a rape victim being countersued by the university where she was raped because the school feels her original suit will prevent future victims from coming forward. If that sounds like it doesn’t make any sense to you, you’re right, it doesn’t. Plus, results of a new study, which might allow people allergic to peanuts to achieve their dream of scarfing down a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (or maybe that’s just me).

What do you think of the University of Oregon’s lawsuit? Are you excited for Apple’s brand new ethnically diverse emojis? Do you think it’s easier for people to open up on podcasts and tell all like Jennifer Lee Pryor did, as opposed to other kinds of interviews? Discuss these questions or any news items in the comments or tweet me directly @AmandaLauren.

University of Oregon Becomes the First School to Sue a Rape Survivor

The University of Oregon has received the dubious honor of being the first institute of higher learning to countersue a rape survivor. If you’re shaking your head and totally confused, let me break it down for you.

The unnamed rape survivor (Jane Doe) accused Dominic Artis, Brandon Austin, and Damyean Dotson of raping her back in March 2014. All three men were found guilty of “sexual misconduct without explicit consent,” by the University and subsequently expelled from school and banned from campus. Doe sued the school and basketball coach Dana Altman because she alleges Altman knew that Austin was accused of sexual assault at his previous school, Providence College. Doe’s lawsuit even included a statement from Austin’s mother saying the school was well aware of what was going on.

If that’s not disturbing enough, it gets worse. The lawsuit also says the school accessed Doe’s therapy records (she was seeing a therapist on campus) without her consent.

Furthermore, Jennifer Morlok, a therapist at the University of Oregon, testified she was told to provide Doe with “nonstandard care,” which she said went against her “ethical and professional standards.” When Morlok sought legal advice after this incident, her job was threatened.

So, the University of Oregon is now suing Doe for their attorney and court costs associated with her lawsuit. If you were wondering, the University of Oregon is ranked one of the 20 richest schools in the U.S. and their endowment last year was $627 million. So, if they don’t need the cash, why are they doing this?

There are two reasons. One reason is that the school says Doe was lying and they did have legal access to her therapy records, despite her allegations. The school’s attorney’s said,

Under Oregon law, a plaintiff who places her psychological state at issue by seeking damages for emotional distress waives any psychotherapist/patient privilege or doctor/patient privilege and is required to disclose counseling records related to her psychological state.

They also said the law allows them to

. . . collect, review and investigate all relevant documents and facts after it receives notice of a plaintiff’s intent to sue.

They also think (wait for it . . . wait for it . . .) Doe’s suit discourages other victims from coming forward in the future because they might feel the school will mishandle their cases, too. Because the fear of being countersued wouldn’t discourage future victims from coming forward.

Jennifer Lee Pryor Calls Bill Cosby “A Fucking Hypocrite”

On Monday, Jennifer Lee Pryor, who is the late Richard Pryor’s widow, gave an interview to Allison Rosen on her podcast Allison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend. She told Rosen she had no doubt that Cosby sexually assaulted a number of women, and she’s known for years that Cosby’s public image is nothing like his private one,

Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person. He was clean on the inside. Bill — fuck.

She held nothing back from her new best friend,

Clean, oh clean. He hated Richard, because Richard worked dirty; Bill worked clean. . . . Bill’s just a fucking hypocrite, and dirty on the inside. It was a well-kept secret that Bill fucked everything that moved. This kind of shit that we’re finding out about is beyond. I wasn’t aware of this kind of business. There are people in the business who were aware of it, and they’re coming out now, too. There are 34 women who have stepped forward.

Pryor also revealed that she isn’t a big fan of Cosby’s wife Camille, who she alleges has known the truth all along:

First of all, there was a lawsuit ten years ago — there was a lawsuit and a settlement. There’s also a story a journalist told me about, about him stopping a National Enquirer story by throwing one of his kids under the bus. So, of course she knew.

And as for why Camille stayed with her philandering husband all of these years?

I can guess why — ka-ching.

Pryor also said she thinks Cosby’s career is “done,” and added, “He’s a piece of shit.”

At Least 12 Students OD on Molly at Wesleyan University

Last weekend, 10 students and two visitors overdosed on MDMA (a.k.a. Molly) at Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

Seven students were sent by ambulance to the emergency room and four students actually walked there. It is unknown how exactly they ended up walking to the emergency room while completely high and in a medically dangerous state.

The school and police investigated and on Tuesday Eric Lonergan, 21; Andrew Olson, 20; Zachary Kramer, 21; and Rama Agha Al Nakib, 20; all of whom were students at Wesleyan, were arrested and immediately suspended from school.

President Mark Roth released a statement on Tuesday night,

The University takes allegations of the distribution of drugs seriously and is cooperating with state and local officials. We will do everything we can to make our community as safe as possible.

Middletown Police Chief, William McKenna, made a statement which proved the old adage about not knowing what is really in your drugs.

This particular batch may have had a mixture of several kinds of designer drug chemicals, making the health risks unpredictable and treatment to combat the effects complex and problematic.

No word if any of the students arrested were science majors.

Two of 12 students hospitalized over the weekend are still receiving treatment in Hartford, but the school has declined to comment on anyone’s specific condition citing privacy concerns.


· The next updates to iOS and OS X will introduce ethnically diverse emojis with six different skin tones. This doesn’t just apply to the “people” emojis, but also the emoji hands. Apple is also adding flags of 32 countries to the collection. Fans of the poo, ghost, space invader, mask, and skull emojis should not worry, those adorable graphics aren’t going anywhere.

· If you are one of the three million Americans allergic to tree nuts, which include peanuts, you know trying to avoid nuts can make you a bit nutty. Soon you might not have to worry. In a yearlong study, 221 patients wore a skin patch which released peanut proteins into the skin. At the end of the year, 50 percent of the patients were able to tolerate eating up to four peanuts. Doctors need to repeat the study and investigate further, but this definitely gives allergy sufferers hope for the future.

· Scientific Reports just published the results of a new study, which showed that cannabis is 114 times safer than booze, making it the least dangerous recreational drug. Just under cannabis is meth, but don’t break out your pipe just yet, it’s still considered a high-risk drug. The riskiest drug of all was (no surprise here), alcohol.