Here's what makes it harder: Being told by a doctor that your bra is too tight and that’s probably what’s causing the excruciating pain in your right ribs that’s so awful that you literally want to jab a knife into your side and rip the bones out.

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Going for a walk with my mom is not a chore or an obligation; it’s a choice. I can take in the trees, the water, the pavement and the empty space. I can turn to my mom and share that with her.
Slowly, my “100% straight” label peeled back to reveal something pretty queer underneath.
Let’s talk about things you can buy from the grocery store that you can eat as well as have on hand for skin and hair care.
All week long, I longed for the weekend. All weekend, I dreaded the week.
Doing jumping jacks in the restroom is all well and good, until someone catches you and people begin to question why you aren’t at your desk when they need you.
personal trainer
I became a personal trainer to help other people build healthier relationships with their bodies, but in the process, I was undoing everything I had done to help myself.
I huddled in my bathrobe on a towel and tried not to look at the trail of blood I’d left around the living room.
breast reduction
My average-chested friends couldn’t understand why I would want to downsize.
By the time things were bad enough to pipsqueak, “Mom, I think something is wrong with me, I think I need to see a doctor,” things were very bad indeed.
The only reason you should comment on other people's food is if they are royalty and you have been employed as their personal poison-taster.

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If you were to saw off the top of my head, blow off the dust, sop up the blood and gore and somehow stop me from screaming, you’d find a young girl waving up at you with messy hair and chapped lips, just desperate to be liked.

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Including the real reasons hipsters drink out of Mason jars!
Sorting through the belongings, I’ll mourn the nonexistence of my second child the same way I once mourned my mother’s death.
It made me scared of medication, and I don’t want to be.
The magical mixture of depression, obsession, not eating, acid reflux, and copious amounts of coffee festering in my empty stomach was the perfect recipe for an ulcer.

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body issues
birth control
I find it incredibly empowering to have an intimate relationship with the ebbs and flows of my own cycle.
Never have I looked back and thought, "Gosh, I can't believe people prayed for me; what a bunch of n00bs."
self care
On one hand, I was just about able to survive -- but on the other, I was running myself ragged.