At 45, there are some things I can’t do anymore, but my modified workouts make me feel freaking fantastic.
Wow, I've typed the word "vagina" so many times that it's starting to look a little weird. Vagina vagina vagina.

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No book is going to help you have a perfect birth. In fact, they might actually make it worse.
Who was I worrying about this body hair for? Not for any potential employer, and not for the friends that were probably too preoccupied with their own appearance issues to even notice mine.
Turns out there is no magic pill. I guess...I'm the magic pill? THAT IS A TERRIBLE REVELATION.
Spam really is everywhere.

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I started getting throbbing headaches that would last for days and was constantly nauseated.

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eating healthy
For vegans (whaddup!), seaweed is one of the only plant-sources of b12, so it's hella important. I'm not sure people still say hella, but I just did, so deal.
“It’s not that I want to kill myself,” I said to my therapist after 3 months. “It’s that I keep thinking how surprised everyone will be when I do.”
Lest we kid ourselves into thinking that major surgery is a bed of roses on a sea of clouds, allow me to tell you about some of the decidedly less pleasant events of my life since surgery.
I've written about my longstanding love of nicotine before. Well, here's my healthy-ass update.
Fourteen months after we were married, I was diagnosed with Human Seminal Plasma Hypersensitivity –-- an allergy to semen.
The Legacy Workout is a call for self-care and collaboration.
quitting smoking
Stop the cycle of self-destruction and move on with your life like a person who actually cares about your own wellbeing.
being assertive
I got a new IUD put in. It didn't go that well.
I'm knocking on 40's door and rocking a big ol' wire retainer. It's totally dorky, I speak with a lisp, and prevention would have been SO MUCH cheaper.
It's a really common illness -- one in 10 women have it. That’s similar numbers as diabetes, but no one knows what endometriosis is, so no one knows they should care.
I feel certain that my doctor did not prescribe me Topamax for its possible weight loss side effects, but that small mention stuck with me as the hardest to process, because it comes with the most baggage.

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I was on a mission, to find a way to do laundry without causing my husband's nether regions to puff up like a toaster pastry.

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ice cream cleanse
Dance like no one is watching. Even though they definitely are, and they are definitely judging you, and ohmygodIcantbreathe.
Children rely on ritual and stability, and it's a huge comfort to them to repeat the same actions every night before bed.