Because I'm Nosey: What Does Your Workspace Look Like?

Come on, turn your computer's camera on and snap a picture. SHOW US YOUR WORLD!
Louise Hung
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Come on, turn your computer's camera on and snap a picture. SHOW US YOUR WORLD!

Let's face it, you're probably reading this from work. 

Work could be an office, your home, your car, someone else's home, a shop, a cat cafe, a food truck, a dentist's office, a spaceship — I don't need to go all Mr. Rogers on you and name all the places work could be. 

The point is, I'm curious what things look like over there. I admit I often imagine what your world looks like as you read or comment from work — especially our regulars. Is that creepy? I swear I wonder about you with care, good will, and the hope you are snacking on something delicious. 

Anyway, here's what things look like over here:

Lou at workspace1 pic

Fine. This is a lie. I took eight pictures to get this one. This is really what things look like over here:

Lou computer view pic

This is what my computer sees when I'm working at home. The weird "soft" lighting is because I was running around all day and it's dark now. I am now working by the romantic glow of an IKEA desk lamp. 

If the above is what my computer sees, this is what I see:

lou's workspace pic2

Some of you may remember "Chicken-Kitty Commons" from my tiny Japan apartment. It's sort of been transplanted into a corner of my tiny Hong Kong apartment. My workspace isn't going to make the cover of Fancy Desks Weekly, but everything from my "spooky dancing cats" print

dancing cats and foxes pic

Got this in Yanaka AKA the "Cat Town" in Japan. May be the basis of a future "cattoo". 

to my collection of desk creatures, make me very happy. 

desk creatures pic

The black box on the right is the box my husband used to present my engagement ring to me. It is crusted with cat hair now, like our love. 

So what does your workspace look like? What's the view like from your side of the computer? What about your workspace makes your day a little brighter and more bearable? Are you eating something delicious? Is it cheese? 

Turn your computer's camera on and snap a picture! SHOW US YOUR WORLD. 

And even if you're not at work, indulge our curiosity! Because honestly, I'm nosey and I suspect you are too.