Drinking In Jane's Office: "You're Not Naked!"

I'm wearing clothes and Jane is in shock. Plus, a chewy vodka-infused treat!

Jun 13, 2012 at 10:30am | Leave a comment

I have always wanted to be the sort of person who comes to the office with Tupperware containers of home-baked-whatever to show off and share with my co-workers. Alas, I don't even own an oven mitt let alone something to transport food. Like a massive New York cliche, my kitchen cabinets are stacked with magazines instead.

But I won't let a lack of supplies stop me from making treats for people. No way. Instead I concoct drinks. This week I had my heart set on Jell-o shots, my favorite way to consume alcohol of all. Then I discovered that the market across the street from my apartment didn't have Jell-o mix so I settled for something just as elegant and tasteful -- vodka-infused gummy bears. In retrospect I could've used vitamin gummies for this recipe, but I wasn't thinking.

Here's what I did: bought two bags of Haribo Gold Bears, found the prettiest vase in the office kitchen, filled it with bears and drowned them in booze. I left the concoction uncovered in the communal fridge for about four days until the candy absorbed all of the liquid. The result? Strong, swollen gummy bears, perfect for serving up in a cocktail glass as an afternoon snack. Let's see if Jane agrees. 

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