What Are the "Important" or "AMAZING" Movies That You JUST CAN'T LIKE?

This is an sort of an Unpopular Opinion hidden in an Open Thread. SCANDALOUS.
Louise Hung
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This is an sort of an Unpopular Opinion hidden in an Open Thread. SCANDALOUS.

Unpopular Opinion: I didn't like The Revenant

I saw it last night, and part way through I turned to my husband and whispered, "WHY DID YOU WANT TO SEE THIS?"

He whispered back, "IT GOT AN 80% ON ROTTEN TOMATOES."

"I'm revoking your internet privileges," I hissed. 

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Come on, everyone has THAT MOVIE they can't stand that EVERYBODY ELSE freaks out over. 

I realize by saying I didn't like The Revenant I'm opening myself up to villagers, pitchforks, and accusations that I have no taste. (My grad school advisor made the same accusation but he graduated me anyway so NOW look whose taste is questionable! YA BURNT!) But it just wasn't what I look for in a movie. 

I could go into all the reasons I didn't like The Revenant (slow, indulgent, character development issues), but really, all I could think about when leaving the theatre was The English Patient. Or rather that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine hated The English Patient while everyone else LOOOVED it. 

More often than not I find myself in this position. I'm the lone voice of dissent when a group of people start talking about how much they loved an "important movie." Sometimes I really do question my taste in movies. Am I allergic to anything with an "Oscar buzz"?

So tell us, what are the AMAZING movies that YOU JUST CAN'T LIKE, no matter how much everyone tells you how good they are? What is your The English Patient or The Revenant or No Country for Old Men (yeah, I didn't enjoy that one either)? 

Got nothing good to say about a movie? Come sit by me.