Open Thread: I'm Visiting The West Coast For The First Time So Please Tell Me What To Do

I've been to 6 out of 7 continents and have always dreamt of California, but somehow it's just never happened. So now, I'm doing it. Solo. What should I do there?

Jun 11, 2013 at 2:30pm | Leave a comment

Hi xojaners! I'm leaving my post as one of xojane's Editorial Intern's next week and am incredibly sad about it. To combat my sadness and help transition into real/post-grad life, I'm taking a two week trip out to San Francisco and LA to restore passion and hope to my shell of a life. The thing is, I have never been to either of those cities before. I've been to 6 out of 7 continents and have always dreamt of California, but somehow it's just never happened.


My most recent road-trip in NZ

I'm doing it. Solo. I figure I know enough people to be able to crash on couches and am renting a car. I know I want to do Yosemite and Big Sur. My friend Sam is on a road-trip also and it just so happens he will be there around the same time as me and has a ton of camping gear, so that's settled for Yosemite. Already, a bunch of acquaintances have crawled out of the wood-work offering their couches, expertise and guidance. But so far, that is where my itinerary ends.

So, I figured, what better place to go than xoJane to get suggestions, kind of like what Mandy did when Natalie and her cute beau visited NYC! What are cool things I should do out there? Where should I eat? Where should I shop? What are the best neighborhoods, parties and local spots? I'm hoping to meet up with fellow xojane writer Chloe and do gay stuff with her, and maybe we'll write about it! 

TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW! Think of this as an open thread to brag about being a native and dish all the secret spots. And tweet me personal suggestions @feliciaroseeee. I'm so excited!