You guys! I miss Jane so much!! And I'm taking over for a second.

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You guys! I miss Jane so much!!
Everything around here feels a little less special when she's gone. (No offense to Emily, Lesley, Mandy, Madeline, Olivia, Marci and Annie -- you are all very special, too.) It was a slow week anyway and everyone worked from home or went on vacation or whatever other La-Dee-Da things these people do. (I got a bikini wax and a colonic because torturing myself is how I love to spend any available free time, apparently.) It was all fun and summer hours ... but then we realized "Hey, who's gonna write that open thread?" Yup. It's me.
Sorry if you hate it and wish it was Jane! Too bad!
I want to say she's far away in a magical land with Charlotte without any access to her phone, but she's been emailing all week. I'm actually trying to force her to have a vacation, because that's what she does to me.
But what's happening with you? What do you all want to talk about all night and weekend? What's the best vacation you took this summer or ever or even just in your mind? Love you all!
xo Corynne
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