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The holidays are fast approaching, and here we’ve got 10 ways you can step up your gift-wrapping presentation this year. Scroll down for a list of brilliant and imaginative ideas dreamed up by the event-planning mastermind David Stark. We promise you’ll find a project you can handle no matter where on the spectrum your craft skills lie. And you can bet that there’s a style to suit every type of recipient, from the playful tot to the prim grandmother. With boxes as glorious as these, your present will outshine all the others before anything’s even been opened!



“Metallics become sophisticated when toned down with a tailored belt and buckle,” says Stark. “Take a walk through a millinery’s trim shop rather than the traditional ribbon aisle to find more inspiration for unique accents such as this.”


  • Gold wrapping paper
  • Wide studded gold trim
  • Black leather ribbon
  • Gold buckle (optional)


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Cut the studded ribbon and leather so that they are just long enough to wrap around the box.
  3. Wrap the gold strap around the mid section of the box. Using a hot glue gun, adhere the ends down on the back.
  4. If using a buckle, punch a hole in the middle of the leather strap using a small hole punch, and thread the leather through the buckle.
  5. Center the leather over the studded trim and hot glue the ends down on the back



“A tea towel is the perfect, no-waste, thematic gift wrap for the foodie in your life,” says Stark. Bonus: the towel and spoons double as additional gifts, too. 


  • Tea towel
  • Ribbon
  • Wooden spoons
  • Painters or masking tape 


  1. Wrap the box with the tea towel, using painter's tape to temporarily hold the ends in place while you tie the ribbon, making sure to position them in spots that can be easily removed. 
  2. Tie the ribbon around the box, adding in the ornament before finishing with the bow. 
  3. Remove tape pieces. 



If your present is in any way animal themed, the wrapping can be a fun clue to the gift that's inside, says Stark. Major kudos to you if you really are giving them a kitty or a puppy. 


  • Striped wrapping paper
  • Construction paper in fuschia, white and blue
  • 2 yellow striped pipe cleaners
  • 1 black striped pipe cleaner
  • White Pom Pom


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams. 
  2. For the ears, cut out two 5-inch circles out of the wrapping paper and make a slit down the radius of each. Twist each into a cone and adhere with double stick tape. 
  3. Take the fuchsia paper and cut two triangles with rounded edges, not taller than the cones. Glue or tape them onto the front of the cones. 
  4. For the eyes, cut out 2 small blue circles and 2 large white circles. Glue the blue circles onto the whites. 
  5. Fold each of the yellow pipe cleaners into a V. 
  6. Fold the black pipe cleaner in half and curl up the ends to form a rounded W for the mouth. 
  7. Tape the ears down onto the top of the box. You could also use a glue gun. 
  8. Tape or glue down the eyes. 
  9. Hot glue gun the whiskers, mouth and nose (white pom pom). 



"This box is perfect for the snappy dresser in your life," says Stark. Plus, the “bow” doubles as a gift, too.


  • Striped wrapping paper (try to find a pattern that you could envision a suit in)
  • Bow Tie


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Cut out a long skinny strip that’s equal to the height of the box and about ¾" wide. Using double stick tape, adhere it to the front of the box, starting about ⅓ of the way down, and letting it wrap around the back.
  3. Adjust your bow tie so that it fits snugly around the box.
  4. Cut out two long and skinny triangles for the collars. Use double stick tape to adhere them to the front of the box as shown.



We love how ridiculously easy this how-to is. “Here, fabric is simply wrapped around and tied like a scarf,” says Stark, “and a flower in its knot is the cherry on top.” The beauty of it is that a different pattern and ornament combo can transform the look of the box, so you can apply this idea for any recipient!


  • Fabric
  • Fake flower (or use a real one if the gift will be opened immediately)


  1. Lay out the fabric, frontside down, and center the box at a diagonal.
  2. Grab opposite fabric corners and tie them into a knot at the center. Repeat with the remaining corners and tuck in any loose fabric pieces.
  3. Tuck in the flower under the top knot.



With a box wrapped in black chalkboard paper, the possibilities are endless. Draw a funny graphic, write a sweet note, or even set up a simple game for kids to actually play, like tic-tac-toe. “Your kids won’t know whether to draw on their gift or open it,” says Stark, “which means more time for you to sit back and sip your holiday cocktail.”


  • Black chalkboard paper
  • Assorted chalkboard markers


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Decorate the outside of the box with the chalkboard markers.



For this clever box, Stark found some unexpected inspiration from the hardware store. “Caution tape, available in rolls just like ribbon, is a tongue-in-cheek accent to a gift that will surely create anticipation for what’s inside,” says Stark. We couldn’t agree more.


  • Red wrapping paper
  • Caution tape
  • Packing tape


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Wrap caution tape around the mid-sections of the box, both horizontally and vertically, trim so the ends just overlap, and seal down with double-stick tape.
  3. To make the bow: Cut out two 1-foot long strips of caution tape, and line the backs of each with a few pieces of clear packing tape. This will help them to hold their shape. Take one strip, match the ends, and trim the edges at a diagonal so that the ends are tapered. Repeat with the other strip.
  4. Cut out a piece of caution tape, approx 2x5".
  5. Lay the small rectangle down and adhere a couple pieces of double stick tape onto the back. Position the “bow” pieces onto it, tapered sides facing each other in the center, and wrap the tail around the meeting point so that the seam is in the back.
  6. Where the caution tape intersects on the box, add a couple pieces of double stick tape.
  7. Take two more pieces of caution tape, approx 8” long and cut a fishtail off one end of each.
  8. Accordion a couple folds at the straight edge of one tail and adhere it to the box where you just placed a couple pieces of tape, positioning the tail at a slight angle. Repeat with the other tail.
  9. Double stick tape across the top of the 2 strips over the accordion folds and adhere the pre-made bow.



“Instead of a ribbon, buy a bulk pack of charging cables from Amazon and use the various colored cords to adorn the box,” says Stark. Bonus points if you get the right cable to charge the recipient’s own smartphone.


  • Silver wrapping paper
  • Charging cables (use as many or few as you would like)


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Wrap the first cable around the center of the box and tie it twice to make a knot.
  3. Slightly loosen the knot and tuck the ends through the center from opposite sides of the loop to create a bow. Pull the cable loops to tighten the knot.
  4. Repeat as many times as you’d like.



“A luxe gift calls for some equally deluxe wrapping,” says Stark. “Here, black leather skin is enriched with oxblood ribbon, and instead of a flouncy bow, two chic leather tassels.”


  • Black embossed wrapping paper
  • Velvet ribbon in a deep, jewel-tone color like eggplant or oxblood, 1” wide
  • Black leather tassels
  • 2" piece of leather cord (or cut off a piece from the tassel)


  1. Wrap your present with wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Wrap the velvet ribbon around the mid-sections of the box, both horizontally and vertically. Trim so the ends just overlap, gluing down ends with a glue gun.
  3. To make a flat bow, cut a piece of velvet about 6" long. Bring both ends to the center and glue them down with the glue gun.
  4. Take another velvet piece and wrap it around the center to hide the seam. Glue it in place with the glue gun.
  5. Thread a leather cord through the tassel hoops and hot glue gun the tassels where the velvet ribbons intersect on the box.
  6. Glue the pre-made bow on top.



"Take inspiration from your favorite artist!” says Stark. Here he channels Mondrian and tiles colorful paper blocks onto a glossy white surface. This one is a bit tricky, but not as complicated as it looks. We found that mapping the design out in advance helped when it came time to adhere all the pieces down.


  • White glossy wrapping paper
  • Red glossy wrapping paper
  • Yellow glossy wrapping paper
  • Blue glossy wrapping paper
  • Black glossy wrapping paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 1/4-inch black masking tape
  • Glue stick
  • White bungee cord


  1. Wrap your present with the white wrapping paper. We like to use double stick tape for cleaner seams.
  2. Cut out squares and rectangles in varying sizes with the red, yellow, blue and black papers. Tip: Get as creative as you’d like, but keeping each row a consecutive height does simply things. And don’t be shy about trimming and tweaking along the way.
  3. Lay out your pieces in the order they will go on the box, identifying where the vertical center is. Keep in mind you’ll be leaving spaces in between, too, to let the white peek through.
  4. Take your pencil and ruler and draw a line down the center of the box to help guide you.
  5. With your glue stick, and glue down each square.
  6. Once all the pieces are glued down, take your thin black tape, and start taping down all the edges of the box, and where each color meets a new one. If there are larger white spaces, you can break them up into 2 smaller white rectangles with the tape.
  7. Take the bungee cord, and wrap it around the box 3 times. Make a knot and trim the ends.
  8. Take your black tape and wrap them around the ends of the bungee cord.

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