Say Something Nice: ELIN KLING IS A BOSS

Plus, I totally conjured her up this morning on Crosby Street!

Feb 29, 2012 at 5:45pm | Leave a comment

Get ready for a little piece of "Say Something Nice On the Internet Day" craziness, you guys. This morning I was walking down Crosby Street after a meeting with Infinity Sun, when I spied my subject, Elin Kling, across the street. Yes, I was planning on saying something nice about Elin on the internet and then I actually conjured her up.

Then I did what I always do for xoJane when I see famous people that I care about.

"Elin?" I said, from the other side of the street, as though recognizing a friend I hadn't seen in a few months. She was nice enough to let me take a picture even though she wasn't wearing makeup.

If you don't follow Elin's work, you might assume she's just a downtown It-girl, but this Swedish import heads up her own style empire. The founder of fashion website Style By Kling and magazine STYLEBY, Elin is also the first "blogger" to design her own clothing line for H&M. But I think blogger is an online slur, so I would never call her that. She also has a collection called Nowhere, inspired by her signature aesthetic. The picture above is a perfect example.

While Elin could easily stick to swanning around looking slouchy and awesome in clothes, she actually uses her style and creativity to produce things. Oh, and if I could closet-swap Freaky Friday style with anyone in the world, the world, it would be Elin.

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