DRINKING AT THE OFFICE: "Is That Perfume?" Edition

Plus, a surprise beauty giveaway!
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Plus, a surprise beauty giveaway!

"Is this something you would drink? It looks like perfume," said Corynne when she saw me pouring a shot of NUVO last night.

Housed in what looks like a giant fragrance bottle, NUVO goes the extra mile when it comes to appealing to women, by actually posing as a lady-thing. I appreciate the effort, and I am predictably seduced.

But NUVO had me back in 2009 with

the "Say Ahh" video

; I just never had the chance to try it. It's pink, it's perfume-inspired and each bottle reads "L'Esprit de Paris," so it's basically tailormade for

Drinking At The Office


And now for the beauty giveaway. I'm clearing out the beauty closet, and one lucky winner gets a huge bag of swag.

To enter, simply follow @xojanedotcom on Twitter and leave a NUVO-inspired comment below.

I'm announcing the winner on Twitter first thing on Monday. Happy holidays boomtings!