DRINKING AT THE OFFICE: Jane Pratt Joins the Party!

Plus, our most exciting DATO giveaway ever.
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Plus, our most exciting DATO giveaway ever.

I've been treading lightly around wine since my recent alcohol allergy scare, but Madeline really wanted to branch out of our crazy booze box and drink something more traditional this week.

Enter Clos du Bois Chardonnay, the Jon Bon Jovi of wines. A wholly safe and socially acceptable option, Clos du Bois Chardonnay is the sort of thing you might bring to a dinner with you significant other's parents. I would bring Nuvo Lemon Sorbet.

That Jane Pratt, such an enabler right? [Aw jeez. And did I tell you about the time the aforementioned Jon Bon Jovi and his wife made me dinner at their house? Oh, nevermind. --Jane]

This week I'm giving away something we can all get excited about -- the Screaming O Mascara Vibe -- a new "massager" disguised as a makeup bag essential. You know, for getting off on the go!

To enter, simply follow@xojanedotcom on Twitter and tell me anything at all about wine or vibrators. I'm announcing the winner on Twitter first thing on Monday. Bon weekend, boomtings!