DRINKING AT THE OFFICE: Cinco De Mayo Edition!

I'm not too cool to booze down on designated days. Are you?

May 4, 2012 at 6:00pm | Leave a comment

Earlier this week I was at a beauty launch dinner and discussion turned to weekend plans, natch.

"I would never, like, go out for Cinco de Mayo," said one editor.

Are we doing this now? Skipping boozy holidays in favor of coolness? I'm the first to opt out of fratty events, but Cinco de Mayo has always struck me as the Solange to St. Pat's Beyonce -- the less obvious favorite.

This week we're kicking off the party early with a round of Lime-a-Ritas, the latest from Bud Light Lime.

Are you doing anything for Cinco de Mayo? I'm going to a Kentucky Derby party. Sorry to rush off so quickly; there's a live DJ at the office. Happy weekend boo thangs!

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