Creepy Corner: Haunted Mirrors And Baby Head Lights! Let's Go Creepy Shopping!

The Creepy Corner market is open for business! Show us your wares!

Mar 10, 2014 at 12:30pm | Leave a comment

I'm afraid of estate sales. 
Oh, I'm fascinated by them. I want to go to all of them and peruse the treasures that a person has accrued throughout a lifetime. But I fear that if the deceased is anything like me -- an overly sentimental cat lady with too many copies of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" and an ENORMOUS matchbook collection -- I'll bring home a super-cool trinket with a not-so-super cool haunting attached to it. 
People are weird about their stuff. I know I am. So I'm always fairly positive that some pissed off old lady ghost is watching me touch the pretty things at her estate sale thinking, "Oh, man, I'm gonna haunt the S#%T out of that little weirdo if she buys my cocktail ring. OH. She did. It's on."
So as not to tempt fate, I think it's best to leave dead people's stuff alone. Besides, estate sales can be pretty sad, and I can't help but feel a little uncomfortable that one person's life has been reduced to a bunch of strangers picking over their stuff. 

Come on! Let's hop in my tiny, creepy car, and go creepy shopping tonight!

But really you can get people to buy anything. (Like I said I collect matchbooks, I once paid $15 for a "mystery bag" of 100 "vintage" matchbooks, that upon closer inspection about 70 of which said, "Joey's Bistro -- ILLINOIS" on them.)
Take, for instance, this mirror that was sold on eBay last year. 
Apparently Joseph Birch and Sotiris Charalambous of London, went dumpster diving and got themselves a haunted mirror. One more reason I will NOT take the toilet that's sitting on the sidewalk across the street from me. 
Among other things, the pair claim:
  • "to wake up screaming with 'stabbing pains' in the night"
  • to see "'flickering shadows' and 'glimpses of black darkness' in the mirror and orbs of light in the room"
  • to wake up "covered in red scratchmarks in the middle of the night"
  • to be "woken in the early morning hours screaming in pain"
Things went missing, the radiator stopped working, their anxiety rose. So they sold it on eBay for their original asking price. They had one bid. 
Do I buy all of it? No. Do I think these two fellows were using spooky nonsense to sell a junk mirror? Very likely. Does part of me REAAAAAAAALLLLY want this all to be true? You bet. 
Then there was this haunted bedroom set, from I believe, 2001. 
To make a long story short, I have a haunted bedroom set.  I am going to sell it.  It has been in my family for about 200 years.
… The bed was put in storage again until I turned 21 and wanted it back.  I had my own apartment and since it is so beautiful and unusual I once again ended up sleeping in it.
And once again I started having intense dreams and visions.  I did not sleep well at any time and my son who was 4 started hearing voices and had a conversation with what he called a grand mother.  He would talk to " his Grandmother" on a regular basis and sometimes would cry about how much he missed her and loved her.  And then she would "visit" and he would be fine for a while. 
...Then the foot steps up and down the hall, a dark figure wearing a large brimmed Amish shaped hat would pace.  People would visit me and say "who's in the kitchen" or "who's in your room" or someone's at your back door" and I would have to say no and then prove to them there was no one there.
The seller goes on to say that she made peace with the spirits, "poured them a drink" and now wants to sell the furniture in order to make a "rather large purchase."
Admittedly this one is a little spookier, but again I'm hard pressed to truly believe it's something more than a good creepy story that accompanies some creepy old furniture. 
But would I take a chance with this furniture? Probably not. 
And if we're talking about haunted items for sale, I have to bring up this painting. I hate it. I'm not posting a picture of it here. I'm a weenie. So be it. You can click the link. 
Titled "The Hands Resist Him" by Bill Stoneham, the painting has been the subject of spooky speculation since 1972, eventually being sold on eBay (again with the eBay!). 
The father of this young girl set up a motion-sensitive camera in her room to show his daughter there was nothing to be afraid of. Instead, he saw the boy crawl from the painting.
Now to conclude this Creepy Corner, in case I've put any of you in the shopping mood, but not exactly in the ghost children or cursed mirrors mood, here are a few of the creepier non-haunted things I've found on the Internet.
Nothing says sweet dreams like a glowing red demon baby staring at you while you doze off, or get up to pee in the middle of the night. And for those of you who like to read Creepy Corner after dark, this little guy might be your perfect companion. 
Speaking of babies!
All right, not so creepy, but kind of cute, no? I actually gave these as gifts to my wedding party. Imagine a dozen or so of these little guys reaching for you from a soap dish.
Then there's these:
The dummy lamps wear a traditional Kuwaiti dress and the lamp shade is made of the fabric that is used to make the headdress. There is a sensor in one of the hands of each lamp with three dimmer settings. As soon as you shake hands with the mannequin, the lamp glows. These lamps will look great in any room of your home, but are definitely not suitable for the faint-hearted.

Again, NO. Absolutely not. Get out of my house scary human-shaped lamp waiting to steal my soul. You know they move at night.

Lastly, for all the movie geeks out there, I leave you with this:
As @hideous_pizza commented when I posted this journal on my Twitter a few days ago, "It's for ghost writing."
Have you ever come across a supposedly haunted item for sale? Do you own one? Know of any frightening finds one of us might want to invest in? The Creepy Corner market is open for business! Show us your wares!