Compelling Reader Comments of the Week: Tear It Up, Kittens!

Comments and Tacos: Very Important For Life
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Comments and Tacos: Very Important For Life

Helena wrote on Thursday about Mona Eltahwy's spray-painting over racist posters that have been all over the New York Subway. Kittensrule, one of our regular diehard (and super critical) commenters, described how she dealt with an anti-abortion poster a few years back:


That's punk rock, Kittensrule. You tough-ass biotch. I know I'm a sap, but thanks for making the world a little bit better. Your imaginary trophy is a 10-inch tall bronze cat eating a slice of pizza. The pizza is real, miniature, edible, and piping hot.

Get me at on Twitter, where I can award virtual trophies @madelinelou.