Comments Of The Week: "I Just Met You..."

Comments can be funny.

Mar 9, 2013 at 3:00pm | Leave a comment

This week's comment is from Marci's "I've Been Single For Seven Years And I Can't Figure Out Why." It was actually the second most upvoted this week with 302 votes. 

Marci's all good with my choice, I asked her on gchat:


The proof is in the gchat. 

The comment is from Tornadodreamer:


The comment with the most upvotes this week garnered garner 320 votes and is from "My Kid's Teacher Left A Scathing Bitchfest About 3 Kindergartners On My Voicemail By Accident":


Here's your trophy! I made a new one this week and I hope you like it. 


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