Comments Of The Week: Coconut Oil Post Was A Coconut Mine

My favorite comment this week is weird, and the most upvoted comment might be a little mean, and here we go!

May 11, 2013 at 9:00am | Leave a comment

My favorite comment this week is from Claire Lower's "I'm So Effing Tired Of People Telling Me To Use Coconut Oil For Everything." The subsequent comments are pretty freaking great, too, but I really think that this comment can stand alone. Oh also, every comment there was amazing too. Hence the headline of this post. 


I'm sorry if the brevity or comedic nature of my Comment Of The Week disappoint you, but this slays me and I LOL every time I see it. 

The comment with the most upvotes is from the latest installation in the Unpopular Opinion series, this one was "I'm The Woman Who Slept With Your Husband And I'm Not Sorry."


This week's trophy is a photo that Corynne took; we were celebrating Emily's office birthday. Her REAL birthday is tomorrow -- she's 30! Read about it here. 


Clockwise: The Birthday Girl Emily, me, Mandy, our intern Felicia, Olivia, and Lori. 

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