Comment Of The Week: Redecorating With Lesley!

My first selection for comment of the week!
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My first selection for comment of the week!

It's my comment of the week now, kittens! As I know you all are aware by now, our blonde babe Madeline is gone, and until we find her replacement, who will not really be a replacement but rather a new friend, I am picking the comment of the week.

First, let's take a look at the inspiration for the actual comment:


I mean, if you don't feel inspired by Lesley Kinzel blasting off into space with a giant cheeseburger then I don't know what your problem is. Maybe you have no heart.

Thus, my favorite comment this week was short and sweet  -- from Nof


As Kinzel herself would say: SOUNDS LEGIT. I mean, I would wallpaper my house with space-burger Lesley in a second. 

So, now for my inaugural TROPHY:


That is me handing a trophy over to you. Happy Winter Olympics. Bye, love you.