Boozy Friday! Jon Calabrese makes us a Hoxton Clover

Gasp in wonder at the astonishingly high production values of my video!
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Gasp in wonder at the astonishingly high production values of my video!

Our American sisters have Drinking at the Office and we have… Boozy Friday! To kick things off, we invited top mixologist Jon Calabrese (son of the legendary Salvatore) into the xoJaneUK office to cure our post-launch-party hangovers with something fruity and gin-based.

Jon runs the Hoxton Pony cocktail bar – one of the first to open in Shoreditch - and his brother Gerry also created Hoxton Gin – a very modern take on the classic spirit, with grapefruit and coconut botanicals in the blend meaning it can be easily mixed with coke, lemonade, ginger ale or cranberry juice as well as the traditional tonic.


Jon gazing lovingly at a bottle of Hoxton Gin

As Jon was setting out his kit in our makeshift bar area, he explained how you use Hoxton Gin; if you want to emphasis the citrusy flavours, mix it with cranberry juice, or if you’re a fan of coconut, drink it with coke. Clever eh?

I balanced precariously on a chair to film Jon making the Hoxton Clover cocktail for Rebecca, who ‘interviewed’ him while wearing sunglasses in an effort to make her look a little less ‘tired’. Gasp in wonder at the astonishingly high production values of my video!

Jon poured lemon juice, sugar syrup, gin and Noilly Prat into his shaker, added a few raspberries, a dash of egg white and lots of ice and started to shake it (like a Polaroid picture! AhahHAAA. Ahem, sorry.) And behold the beautiful pale pink Hoxton Clover.


Jon holding up his delicious creation, the Hoxton Clover

But would his concoction meet the exacting standards of our Editor?


Jon presents a 'tired' looking Rebecca with the Hoxton Clover

Yes! Look at her happy face!


Happy Rebecca with cocktail!

Huge thanks to Jon for whipping up such a delicious drink in less-than-ideal conditions, we'll definitely be propping up the bar at the Hoxton Pony soon.

Hoxton Gin is available at Sainsbury's and Waitrose at £25 a bottle.