YOUR Outfits of the Week: Show Us What You Got! Plus The Most Perfect Emily Dress EVER

I love when clothes bring SERIOUS joy to people.

Dec 5, 2013 at 9:00am | Leave a comment

I reorganized my closet this weekend -- well, I should say I organized my closet because really it's been a total disaster zone since I moved into my apartment in April. I know, APRIL. It's pretty embarrassing. I'm also just getting around to putting stuff on the walls and OMG I FORGOT HOW FRAMING THINGS COSTS A BAJILLION DOLLARS!

Anyway, in the massive overhaul I found so many pieces that had been totally lost to me and it made me so freaking happy. It was like catching up with old friends. And now I can actually see everything that's in there so they won't get lost again. It's awesome when clothes can make you joyful. 

Like this dress of Emily's which I told her is the most Emily dress EVER. It's pretty much perfect for her and I heart it lots. 


CUTEST. All please note the seriously excellent hair.

"It's the Sunrise in the Studio Dress by Bea and Dot from ModCloth. It's my new favorite dress in the whole world -- the moment I put it on I just felt happy. My white boots are from Durango," says our fair Emily. Yay for happy clothes!

You know what else brings me joy? Going through all your outfits in the comments section every week. It's the MOST fun. 

And so is this outfit from commenter November28th2012 who said "i wore this to a concert the other day where i got to meet the singer!! it wasn't what i had planned to wear at all, but after i decided i hated what i was originally wearing, i went for this last minute ensemble!"



As far as last minute ensembles go this is a major win. I love the proportion of the skirt length with the heeled booties. And as a girl with big boobs, I can't usually wear a ruffle-front shirt but I wish I could wear this one. It's a nice subtle detail without feeling at all frilly. Well played!

For those of you who can pull off a ruffle blouse, here are a couple I found available now.

I'm obsessed with the color of this one:


Armani Jeans Ruffled Blouse, on sale for $89.98


I love an A-line mini in the winter -- you can always add tights if you need to. Someone pretty please buy this for me!!!!!!!

This version is a little more reasonable on the price front:


Townsen Faux Leather Skirt, on sale for $52.80

I could own 100 pairs of booties and it would not be enough.



Chloé Susan Studded Ankle Boot, marked down from $1345 to the low, low price of $809


Alright, now's the time to share away! Get to it.