PARTY TALK: Julie (Madeline) and Common

Plus, Common shops so much he doesn't need a stylist, like Kanye said.

Feb 13, 2012 at 1:30pm | Leave a comment

Last Friday, I met Madeline at the Blind Barber for Gillette party. It wasn't crowded or anything, and as I headed to the coat rack, I ran into Common.

Back when I was a copywriter, I wrote this weird script for Diesel's Only The Brave Ultimate MC Challenge, that he hosted. It was awesome. Anyway, when I asked Common for an interview I told him this, and he actually remembered. But then my idiot phone died right as I started recording! 

Luckily, I spied Madeline across the room and dragged her back over to Common for a second try. 

Julie: What's the best thing you've seen so far (this week)?

 The best thing I've seen was in New Orleans, I was in New Orleans and this band performed, they're called Rebirth. And that was the best thing I've--

I've seen them! I've seen them twice in New Orleans. 

Yeah, they're incredible. You know, I know what I'm talking about. For real, they were good.  

And what about here at Fashion Week?

C: I've just experienced it, but the best thing I've seen is the way people have been dressing. Different, I've seen so many people with fashion sensibilities, just their own style, and it's not just one person, I'm seeing a lot of people.

(two manager-types approach Common with full glasses of red wine for him)

J: Everyone wants to get you really drunk--you guys! Do you use a stylist or dress yourself?

C: I use a stylist and I dress myself. I shop so much, I don't need a stylist, that's  what 'Ye said. No, but anyway, I'm out. Love.

M: Thank you, Common.