My Random Instagram Style Inspiration Of The Week

The non-fashion photo that gave me IDEAS.

Oct 11, 2013 at 4:00pm | Leave a comment


One of my favorite new beauty sites, Byrdie, posted this photo on their Instagram yesterday. It looks to be a gift package from Olay and includes a Bayside High sweatshirt, a Clueless DVD, candy that I wish was in my mouth right now, a scrunchie, a shiny backpack, an *NSYNC CD, and their new product. 

My first reaction: I'm jealous I didn't get one. My second reaction: This gives me shopping ideas for the weekend. My third reaction: I still wish the *NSYNC part at the VMAs had been longer. 

But seriously, the fall just makes me want to shop. All. The. Time. This is a very fun but dangerous prospect. I also feel like every time fall rolls around I look in my closet and there are NO CLOTHES. What did I even wear last year? I know I went to work every day and clothing was involved, but I swear there are like three outfits in there. 

Hence the need for shopping times. And inspiration straight from Saved by the Bell. Sometimes I can't remember what I did last week, but I can still quote numerous SBTB eps. So there's that When I was in college the reruns were on all the time on TBS and we watched them constantly. The shows always started at like 5:05 or 6:35. What was that all about? Anyway, back to the Saturday morning sitcom fashion inspiration. 

First up, that Bayside sweatshirt, famously worn by Kelly Kapowski -- off-the-shoulder of course. I love a slouchy fashion-y sweatshirt. The fabric and the cut are, of course, cooler than your average grey Champion variety which can make them more expensive but they do come in a range of prices. I love that you can wear it with a skirt and chunky boots, leather pants, or if you want to go full Kapowski...a printed jean (also a big denim trend this season.) 

I love this Current/Elliot (one of my favorite styling duos from Los Angeles who also have a fantastic clothing line now. If you want to invest in some great jeans, I highly recommend theirs) Stadium Sweatshirt, especially the length. But it is pricey at $158 -- though I'm sure I'd wear it OFTEN. 


Comfortable fashion at its finest. 

I also found a Vince Camuto version with studs on the shoulders which is super cool and currently on sale for about $35. 

And now the bottoms: Printed jeans were a Kelly Kapowski staple. (As were crop tops which I still can't believe are sticking around for another season...but we'll get to that another day.)


That background is AMAZING. And exactly how I wanted my room decorated back in the day. 

They are currently EVERYWHERE. And I've been on the fence about the trend. But the more I see it, the more I like it. So I'm going all in. You can find them in varying degrees of print boldness -- and in many, many sizes and price points. That's just the way I like my trends. 

A couple I think are pretty great: 


This MICHAEL Michael Kors Paisley Print Jean is much more subtle...and more budget-friendly too. 

And so begins my weekend shopping wishlist...

What do you think? Are you in for a Kelly Kapowski redux? And tell me what random moment inspired your style this week!