PRADA Embraces A Strange Taboo and The Sparks Fly

"Sweetness." That word, Miuccia Prada declared is "almost a taboo" nowadays. So, the master of trusting her instincts and challenging what's considered cool, produced a gloriously upbeat, colorful collection that's for sure one of my favorites of all time.

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 Prada called the show "Women & Cars," and wanted a feminine, joyous ride through the 1950s.  The collection was packed full of child-like automobile prints, pleated dresses, studded rhinestone Rockabilly jackets and some of the craziest, beautifully wacky shoes designed like car fins.  Think vintage Cadillacs.  The Prada bags this season were also adorned with vintage hot-rods, flames or bedazzled.  The set design, which included subway grates, recalled Marilyn Monro in "The Seven Year Itch."

Yo.  Your boyfriend Vinny the mechanic called and wants his jacket back.



 Vrrrrmm - Vrrrrmmmm!!!



Marilyn in 1953's "How To Marry A Millionaire"

Aren't these shoes totally whacked out -- in absolutely the best possible way?  You know one of Prada's signatures is the ugly shoe.  These put a big smile on my face. 



1953 Cadillac



You can watch the entire show here and trust me, it makes such a difference seeing how the clothes move, and there's like 30 more looks than what I've posted here.  Go watch it and remember to smile.

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