How To Do Halloween Like A Fashionable Grown-Up

If I were going to dress up this year, I'd pick one of these.

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If you're going to be born on a holiday, I happen to think Halloween is the best one. And obviously I would think that as a Halloween baby. But seriously, it's a pretty fun one that involves candy, parties, costumes, and pretty much everyone in the US celebrates it.

And it can be a lifetime of fun. When you're little, it's all class parties and trick-or-treating and stuffing yourself with inappropriate amounts of sugar for weeks and weeks -- and yelling at your parents for stealing from your stash.

Once I was a bunch of grapes and had a hat for a stem. I've searched high and low and can't find a picture. They must all be at my parents' -- but trust that I was REALLY cute. 

Then you get older and there are different kinds of parties with the alcohol and the wild times. No matter what the day of the week, people will GET DOWN on Halloween.

Witness me during my 21st Halloween below. I was studying abroad in Australia and my roommates and I threw what we considered to be the dopest party -- after taking a train to the other side of Sydney to rent cool costumes. I was a belly dancer. I know, real original college Abby. We even had a live band playing in our house. Mind you, I passed out at about 8:30pm after shooting what I believe were wine glasses full of vodka (OMG, so gross to even think about years later) -- but I was reborn like a Phoenix around 11pm and got to have some fun. 


Babyfaced me boozing it up in Oz. Most photographic evidence of this night has disappeared (phew!) as often happened in the time before digital cameras and social media. 

I got so into Halloween every year. Here's another college moment where I went simple Greek Goddess. Please excuse the requisite Bob Marley and Grateful Dead posters in our apartment because college. 


Why am I wearing that watch? 

My early years in NYC were usually filled with rockin' parties and costumes thrown together more last minute than I'd liked. My go-to when I couldn't figure out what to be? One of the senior bitches (like Parker Posey) from "Dazed and Confused."


Fry you freshman bitches! 

And one year I threw a birthday party where everyone had to come as the celebrity that bugs them the most. I was Ashlee Simpson. I don't know why she bugged me so much at the time really, but oh, well. 


Sorry about my best friend's arm there. 

And then something changed -- I just never wanted to get dressed up anymore. Now I usually just go out to dinner with a few friends and avoid the West Village parade because I'm an old and the crowds throw me. 

But sometimes I get sad and miss my dress-up days and wish someone would throw a super chic Halloween party so I could dress up again. And now I wouldn't even have to think too hard about what to wear. The brilliant minds over at Rent the Runway have teamed up with Etsy on some super fashion-y costume ideas.

You can check out all of the costumes here and when you click on each one you can both rent the dress (for four to eight days) and click through to Etsy to purchase all the extras you need to round out the costume. Genius. Not cheap, but genius.  

I picked out some of my favorites -- from a style icon to the year's best "worst" movie. 

Elizabeth Taylor:


La Liz 

Greek Goddess:


A much more chic goddess than my college version



I would pretty much wear this any day of the week. 




Lucy Ricardo:


I love Lucy and this costume. 



Someone call Tara Reid. 

Do you have a favorite fashionable costume? What are you dressing as this year?

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