You're probably thinking -- there's no way in hell Eric's going to pull this one off. Watch me.

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OK guys -- NY Fashion Week is right around the corner (February 9th - February 16th) and I'm juggling RSVPs, requesting show invitations, setting up designer previews, securing Jane front row seats and so on. 

So -- me having the time to write an article was not in the plan. However, I was so mortified when I saw that we were promoting sexy overalls, I dropped everything in order to get it right. Especially since it's a really cute look but it can go wrong really easily. Rather than reliving all the funny and un-stylish moments (TLC, Salt-n-Pepa, 90210, etc.) Here are 6 (six!!!) perfectly wonderful looks to inspire you.

1.  Wear them with a blazer.

Lightweight in the Spring, tweed-y for Fall.  



2. Sweater, Opaque Tghts and Flats.

Let's Solve The Trickest of Them All -- The Dreaded Short Overalls. Commomly refered to as Shortalls (ugh that term -- it's almost as bad as clamdigger.) These look fresh and not at all Lisa Left-Eye Lopez with a sweater, opaque tights and flats. Urban Outfitters has had a great pair but are sold out. See below for another short overall idea. I couldn't find a decent pair out there at the moment, so I'd try eBay or your local vintage store, but beware of Tweety-Bird iron ons.

3. Ditch the Denim.

There's something totally right about these short overalls in cotton velvet rather than denim.  I'll also stand behind corduroy.


 4. Mix in some girlie touches.

Back in the day overalls were trendy with Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch and were worn with construction boots. Since it's 2012, pair a fluttery blouse, cloche-esque hat and strappy gold heels.

5. Cuff-em!

A white cotton henley is simple and comfy. Then, just by cuffing the bottom and wearing a casual heel you're simple, comfy AND chic.

6. Ms. Overalls please meet Mademoiselle Fur

The following two looks are dedicated to our friendly reader Shine83 who's asked for some ideas of how to style her new fur.  These would be just as great with an entire fur coat - real or faux.  Here the overalls are paired with a wool toogle coat with silver fox trim.




7.  Belt It!


8.  Fit, Fit, Fit!

The non-trendy way to approach this trend and find the perfect pair is to think of them as blue jeans.  Check out the ones pictured below from Mavi - they're not the saggy one's you may have worn 20 years ago.



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