Riding In Cars With Insanely Windy Hair: Two Stylish Solutions

I must admit, I'm rather proud of what I did with a tank top and a quick trip to CVS.

Jun 3, 2011 at 10:17am | Leave a comment

I spend a lot of time thinking about problems. In this sense I really take after my mother. Based on our last name, Strzemien, I've even made up a word for her habit:

strzolution [strez-o-loo-shun] (n.): Susan's creative solutions to everyday problems you didn't know you had.

She's brilliant at it: she has rigged her treadmill so it can practically send emails, flip pages on a book and change TV channels with a mere look. She has maximized her reading space on the couch so that pillows and other accoutrements support joints I didn't know humans possessed. She's truly thought of everything, and whatever she hasn't thought of she probably will this weekend.

But I'm here to talk a problem I did have. Not a big problem, but an inconvenience that required me to employ Susan-esque thinking.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I rented a convertible and drove through Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and the Smokies. And during what I had thought was a great packing job, I inconveniently forgot what happens to my hair in a convertible.


I know what you're thinking: file this under White People Problems (and "How can she see over the wheel? She's so short"). But if I sound like a jerk for this, well, I can live with that because driving to Dollywood in a convertible is awesome. While listening to Dolly. And eating BBQ. And going to Dollywood.

Where was I? Oh, right, the hair. So I found two strzolutions, if you will, to Windy Hair and wanted to share them in case you do something equally windy this summer.

Strzolution 1: Stop at a CVS in Atlanta and go to the hair care aisle. If you have a hair problem, this section probably has a solution. And it didn't disappoint--even if it did confuse the guy at checkout. Donna Collection Handmade Knotted Wrap, $3.99



Strzolution 2: If it's color you seek, take a tank top and make your own knotted wrap! $Free.


And driving through the Smokies without hair whipping your face? Priceless.

Here's an instructional video I made for you (due to technical difficulties, it required several takes):