FATshion: Wear What You Like Edition

This is basically the only T-shirt I would consider wearing, no lie.

Aug 23, 2011 at 9:02am | Leave a comment

I've referenced the mad awesome power of Gisela Ramirez before. You know there must be some powerful forces involved to get me to advocate in favor of a T-shirt, me being an all-dresses, all-the-time kind of lady. But this is a very special T-shirt, with a very special message.


See? Man, I wish that picture could be bigger. I wish it could take over your WHOLE SCREEN. 

The "F*CK FLATTERING" crop tee is made of organic cotton and available in sizes 14 to 28. It's currently on sale for AU$35 (roughly $36 US).  Get it and publicly demonstrate your disdain for fashion rules, you awesome rebel.