Think about it for a minute: If every xoJaner reading this right now was walking down the street together, arm in arm, do you think anybody would be brave enough to mess with one of us?

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I always like to think of xoJane.com as a giant, global online girl gang in the tradition of Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang by Joyce Carol Oates. (The movie version of said book was Angelina Jolie’s 2nd starring role ever, as gang leader Legs!) The book is perfect. The movie, fair to middling.

I wanted to be like Legs bad as a young adult. She came off as so important whenever she walked into a room. She made adults do what she wanted them to do when she wanted them to do it. She took not one ounce of shit from anyone. If I'd been the costume designer on the movie, I for sure would have had her wear a bandana around her neck every single day:


I might come off a little tougher if my bandana wasn't PINK.

I mean, think about it. If all us xoJaners were together, kickin' it live in person every day, we’d take down every mother-effing rapist, creep, smacktalker and bully on EARTH. Nobody in their right mind would be brave enough to mess with the lot of us. They'd be quaking in their boots.

But we’d totally need GEAR to identify and unify ourselves, right? Like, say, sparkly, shiny XO necklaces? There's one out there for everyone. (Because even in a girl gang, babes are still all unique individuals with all KINDS of crazy different styles.)

That way everyone would know that we were not to be messed with. I mean, FOXFIRE BURNS AND BURNS! I'm only sort of kidding here, as I've often thought every girl in the country should rise up with burning torches and take down anyone who gets in our way or tries to put us in our place. Burning torches are so medieval, I know, but also inherently un-lethal. (I'm really only trying to scare people.)

Of course the main XO babes are already all over this idea. Emily has a fancy XO necklace from Tiffany & Co.


Love & Kisses pendant, $200.00. (Shown on Ms. Emily's boobs.)

And Tatty Devine made Jane a custom XO nameplate necklace for the xoJaneUK launch party! 


What a babe. 

(Did you know that xoJane.com was originally meant to be called JanePratt.com? I can’t imagine it called anything but xoJane, can you?)

Jane herself told me recently that she signs everything with multiple XXs and OOs but varies the combinations and patterns so they express exactly what she wants to convey to the person she’s writing to. She signed the email in which she told me this “XOXXO”. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??

If XO jewels aren’t your style, you can still rep the XO life in other ways -- like this delightful pillow I bought for my mom and then realized she strangely hates purple. So I kept it, and also sent one to the New York xoJane headquarters as a Valentine’s prezzy to put on their office sofa. It hasn't arrived yet, so shhhhhh.

There are actually a ton of cute XO pillows to be had out there. I guess it’s like, a thing now? I love this needlepoint one from Pottery Barn Teen. What does it say about me that my favorite décor these days is from a spot with the word teen in the name?

There is XO stuff around every corner, now that I've started digging. Take note: WE OUT HERE.


XO sticky notes, $3.99.


XO phone case, $17.00.


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