How To Not Look Stupid In: A Cape (Starring DKNY)

Stop living in fear, people.
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Stop living in fear, people.


Fashion, like your hair and makeup, should probably change every once in a while. The thing with capes is this: Typically they're way too cutesy and thus look like they're made for six-year-olds. 

Madeline says she's embracing minimalism, but was skeptical about getting into a cape, was just mad for this one from DKNY.  It has the clean, sharp vibe of a Men's topcoat.  I could totally see Patti Smith in it. 

Certainly not in orange, but guess what?  It comes in black -- darkest black, Patti black.  So walk through your fear and try something new like this impeccably tailored cape from DKNY.  I dare you.