Ask Laia: How Can I Cover Up In This Hot Weather?

"Despite being a pretty big slut, I am uncomfortable revealing too much on top in thin-strapped summer dresses."

Jun 9, 2011 at 12:02pm | Leave a comment

Despite being a pretty big slut, I am uncomfortable revealing too much on top in thin-strapped summer dresses. Can you provide me with some options of very lightweight, short-sleeved summer cardigans that I can toss over a sundress just so I don't feel like everybody on the street/subway is leching on me?


I'm glad you sent this in because I'm also in need of some lightweight coverage for the summer months. I found a couple great options that will keep you looking cute even through the grossest weather and humidity. I usually carry one in my bag at all times, especially since the nights tend to get a little chilly. Another great option is to wear a lightweight scarf around your neck, covering your cleavage but leaving the rest of you free of another layer. 

Linen Cape Cardigan $68.50, JCrew.

The cut of this cardigan makes it the best option for your dilemma. It's linen so it's perfect for warm weather and the cape-inspired design is fitted without hugging the body so it allows for further breeziness.

Short Dolman Sleeve Cardigan $39.50, Ann Taylor Loft.

Here's a classic style with a thick banded cuff that creates a little puff sleeve. The best part about this style is that it comes in a million bright colors and at that price, you can get one of each to match all your beautiful dresses. 

Lace Panel Cardigan $49, Urban Outfitters. 

Another great option is a little lace cardigan. It's light, travels easy and adds a bit of girly-ness to your look which is nice, especially when the weather is so hot that you've stopped feeling like a human being at all. PLUS your tattoos will look amazing through the sheer fabric, Emily. 

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