fashion trends
A moment of silence for all the years I spent NOT wearing crop tops, please.
work clothes
It's so hot I can barely function but I still have to make a dollar, you know?
home decor
I redecorate my house almost as often as I switch up my taste in clothes.
summer trends
Please help me justify my inevitable shopping spree in which I buy all these tops and dresses.
You don't have to endure endless coffee runs to make it in fashion.
statement jewelry
I paired four basic summer outfits that I rotate a lot with my biggest, flashiest earrings -- and I think it made a world of difference.
I think one day I’m going to get married just as an excuse to wear more lace. Maybe.
Shoes have been sent from HELL to torment us all.
Yes, I'm talking jewelry for your kicks. It's the final frontier.
How could I pass up an opportunity for a potentially super weird experience?
In honor of the new Maleficent movie, we've put together a collection of fashion looks inspired by the most stylish of Disney's villains.

Apr 17, 2014 at 2:30pm | 25 comments

curvy women
I have no doubt that each one of you curvy ladies would look awesome in this silhouette.
the best online shop you've never heard of
Seeing trust-fund kids wearing clothing that would get them mistaken for a Times Square tourist really bugs me.
I seldom find clothing I love, but I want everything in this new line NOW.
orla kiely
french new wave
I would’ve totally done it with Jean-Paul Belmondo in 1960.
fall fashion
I always judge the looks of stylish lads by whether or not I can see my future boyfriend sporting them.
Not only are these socks secret, they have giant holes in them. Only the best for you, dear readers.