How can I make her respect me more?
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How can I make her respect me more?


I'm twenty years old and I have this aunt who keeps disqualifying what I think and say. Once, I was talking at the dinner table about a Woody Allen movie, and she said I was too young to understand Woody Allen. Everytime I post something on MY Facebook wall about being reading a certain book (like one by Joyce, Shakespeare or Virginia Woolf), she'll comment (on MY Facebook wall, without being invited) that I'm too young to read those books and I should stick to Harry Potter. She criticizes my use of words all the time, and even after I google the words she criticizes on my smartphone and proving to her that I was right, she'll say I still didn't use them in the right context. Once, she even said that I should just stop pretending to be oh so smart and stick to age appropriate stuff. She has also commented negatively on my weight, and once when I was hanging out with other cousins, she passed by and offered a lift to everyone - except me, because there wasn't enough space in the car. She does the same kind of things to my brother, but on a smaller scale because he's had more intellectual achievements than me. I have other cousins (her nieces and nephews) who are as publicly intellectual as I am, but only one or two years older, or even younger, and she treats them with respect and admiration. How can I make her respect me more? Or at least stop doing all that icky stuff? 


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