Harry Styles claims that his relationship with Caroline Flack was all about sex, baby

Anyone else just been a bit sick in their mouth at the thought of this?
Rebecca Holman
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Anyone else just been a bit sick in their mouth at the thought of this?


Harry Styles - love machine??? 

Yes, you thought you’d heard the last of this fictional relationship, but it’s headline news again, with a schoolmate of Harry Styles' claiming that his fling with TV Presenter Caroline Flack was purely physical.

I have to suspend my disbelief somewhat at this point, given that it’s not even clear if the One Direction star has actually gone through puberty yet.

Obviously I don't imagine the couple spent hours gazing into each other’s eyes and reciting Russian poetry, but I certainly don’t want to think about man boy Harry Styles engaging in a rampant shagging session either (I accidentally wrote is name out here as Harry Childs the first time round, which says it all really).

Hilariously, this latest revelation came courtesy of Styles' former classmate Will Sweeney, who told US magazine The People: 'I remember asking Harry about Caroline and he laughed. He said it was more of a physical relationship than anything else.

'All his mates think he’s a bit of a legend though. It’s classic Styles.'

Classic Styles. Snigger.