Harry Styles allegedly spent the night with a married woman

Wipe that incredulous look off your face, this is 100% not made up, honestly...
Rebecca Holman
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Wipe that incredulous look off your face, this is 100% not made up, honestly...


Harry Styles - love god?

I do love a good Harry Styles Is A Voracious Shagger story to start the day. And this morning I wasn’t disappointed.

The Sunday Mirror claims that the baby-faced One Direction singer had an affair with DJ Lucy Horbin last year – despite the fact that Lucy is married (!) and 32 (!!).

According to the paper, they met when Lucy interviewed the band for her radio show on Manchester’s Key 103 radio station last year. They met again when she interviewed them for a second time a month later, after which Harry and Lucy apparently spent the night together in a Manchester hotel.

‘Harry just happened to be in the right place at the right time. He charmed his way into her life and brought a little bit of excitement with him,' a really bad friend of Lucy’s an insider said.

'Lucy was confused about her feelings for her husband. They were still living in the same house but not actually living as a couple. Then, when things fizzled out with Harry, she realised she had made a stupid mistake.'

She also confessed to the person who sold this story to the papers a friend that Harry certainly knew what he was doing in the sack: 'She knows she shouldn't admit it but said the sex was amazing. He knew exactly what he was doing despite the fact he was only 17.’

Bleugh, just been a little bit sick in my mouth at that one.

While I can’t shake the feeling that all of these stories about Mr Styles bothering 30-something women are a Simon Cowell-inspired ruse to make him seem little bit less like jailbait, I also like the idea of Harry travelling up and down the country, bringing a bit of excitement into bored housewives' lives.

A bit like a modern day travelling salesman, if you will.