The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Early Morning Rebel

Hall passes! Faking it! And a rare cover of 90s sex classic, "In Those Jeans."
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Hall passes! Faking it! And a rare cover of 90s sex classic, "In Those Jeans."

Since their debut single "Life Boat" appeared on "Grey's Anatomy," Nathan Blumenfeld-James and Dustin Bath of Early Morning Rebel have garnered plenty of attention, especially from the fashion world.

The Los Angeles based duo posseses the sort of panty-dropping charm that rockstar status is made of. It's also worth noting that Nathan appears to have been conceived in an Emily McCombs wet dream, so perfectly tailored are his features to her taste.

I talked to the band about hall passes and faking it and even convinced them to perform a rare cover of 90s sex classic, "In those Jeans."

How did you guys get together?

Nathan: We went to high school together. We’ve been best friends since we were 14. We’ve been in bands and producing other bands in LA and writing for people, and 8 months ago we started this project for our own outlet.

And how about you, how are you in their band?

Brad the Publicist: Julie, I’m their publicist, hello.

But when I see pictures of you guys there are always a lot of people in them.

Nathan: We have a drummer and a bass player, but we’re the lead.

I’m sorry guys.

Brad: You’ve seen me before. Come on.

I'm sorry. This is so horrible. In your press pictures there are more than the two of you.

Nathan: Yes, it’s true. But we’re the creative visionaries.

Moving on. What secret urge do you get but never act on? It can be illegal.

Dustin: Sometimes I feel like I want to punch someone in the face.

Nathan: I have severe road rage. We live in LA and it used to be severe. Like it used to get weird. I’ve gotten out of my car.

Dustin: He’s also thrown bottles at other people.

Nathan: I’ve literally gotten out of my car and walked up to another car like, "What’s up? Can we drive a little faster here?"

Dustin: I usually just slam on the brakes. I’m more passive aggressive. I like to keep it mellow and mysterious. I keep people on their toes.

What’s the worst you’ve ever screwed someone over?

Nathan: When I was younger, I was a little rebellious. 

Dustin: Not paying people back.

Nathan: I’ve done some shady things. I mean, I’ve cheated on girlfriends in the past. Not anymore. I’ve been married since October.

Olivia: That’s like as long as Julie and I have known each other.

We should do like a joint anniversary.

Nathan: We should. Let’s go to the place we got married and make it weird.

Who’s on your celebrities to make out with list? I don’t know if you and your wife have like a hall pass or anything.

Nathan: Of course. Ryan Reynolds. Blake Lively, that would be a fun one.

Dustin: Kiera Knightly. 

Nathan: Ryan Reynolds.

Dustin: Adriana Lima.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

Nathan: Yes, it was weird. It was with this girl that we both slept with. Not at the same time. In different parts of our lives. 

How does that work? I’m in a similar position right now. Did you have to get rid of her?

Dustin: No, no she was a friend. There was no romantic interest.

Nathan: I was pretty loaded, but I had a condom on so it made it easier

Dustin: Did you make a noise?

Nathan: I don’t fake it like that. I’m not like (makes orgasm noise). I like to keep it sincere.

Dustin, you can’t opt out of this. Have you faked it?

Dustin: I don’t think I’ve ever faked it, but it’s definitely not happened.