Countdown to Cougar Town (It's almost time and the winners!)

Are you ready? The moment we have been waiting for is just minutes away!

Feb 14, 2012 at 8:06pm | Leave a comment

I can hardly contain myself right now.  I'm positively giddy.  I feel like a kid on Christmas.  Who knew one show could spark so much excitement for me/us?  

I was also having having hysterical fits of laughter reading your submissions for what you would like to see. You people are FUNNY!  Picking winners is not my favorite thing in the world as I don't want anyone to feel their ideas were less than worthy.  But this is a contest after all, so I sucked it up and picked one winner from the comments and one from the emails I received.

From Emily via email submission:

And this gem from Allan via the comments:

You all rock and your ideas were totally awesome.   Now go get ready to laugh your asses off!  Hooray for Cougar Town Season Three!

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day!  XO