Cheryl Cole tries to bag Prince Harry, egged on by

....but language barrier puts romance on hold
Rebecca Holman
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....but language barrier puts romance on hold


Cheryl Cole: one day her prince will come 

That Cheryl Cole, she’s a right one, isn’t she? As soon as she finished her performance at the Diamond Jubilee concert she was off to bag herself Ashley Cole Mark II a prince. And not just any prince, a bona fide prince of the realm, who just so happens to be third in line to the throne.

According to Heat magazine, Cheryl ‘made a beeline’ for Harry as soon as the concert was over – encouraged by her friend/wing man

Harry responded by flirting in the grand tradition of the Carry On Films, reportedly saying to her: ‘I hear you like a man in uniform.’ Oooh matron.

However, this grand romance my have fallen at the first hurdle, as Harry can’t understand Cheryl’s broad* Geordie accent.

This was never a problem for Ashley Cole, who only communicated with a series of grunts and by banging two rocks together. Poor Cheryl, will she ever get her prince? 

*not that broad, but Harry’s never met anyone from north of the Watford Gap in a social situation before.